The American Flight Museum

Our museum was formed in 1997 with the dream of acquiring historical aircraft to fly and display to the public at events all across the country, In 2000 we were able to purchase our first aircraft a C-47 serial number 43-16369 We decided to Honor John Levitow who earned the Medal of Honor in an AC-47 Gunship during the Vietnam War, and have restored as the one in which he was a crewmember. Since then we have acquired a British Bac-111, a UH-1H Huey, and three Navions. A couple of our members own a Grumman C1-A Trader that is based at our museum and also goes to Airshows and other events.

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The American Flight Museum does not exist without the efforts of our volunteers. Our volunteer opportunities range from airplane maintenance to gift shop attendant. If you are handy or just helpful we have a place for you!

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